Curling at the ARC – Calgary’s 10 best sheets

The Acadia Recreation Complex (ARC) is the southern most curling rink in Calgary.  It boasts the 10 best and newest sheets of ice in the country.

It was newly renovated in October of 2014.  The ice surface only changes 6mm (the thickness of your cell phone) from the highest point to the lowest point.  The City of Calgary and the Province of Alberta sponsored the upgrades.

The design of the floor and equipment exceeds international curling rink standards.

It is home to the ARC CURLING CLUB.

They are also available to the public for rental. Contact us today for ice times, or to join a league.

Curling Rental Rates:

Non-prime 8am – 4pm Weekdays $75.15 per draw/sheet
Pre-prime 4pm – 6:45pm Weekdays $91.35 per draw/sheet
Prime Time 7pm – 12am & Weekends $107.40 per draw/sheet
Seniors Non-prime time $63.90 per draw/sheet
Juniors Prime Time $56.40 per draw/sheet
Practice *hourly rate* $7.50 per hour/person

* Above prices include GST.

Note: All draws are based on a 2 hour time slot

Please call 403-255-1252 or email the curling coordinator for information on bonspiel or corporate rates.

Curling Calgary

Ten sheets of ice in Calgary were renovated in October of 2014.