Parade of Garage Sales / Sharing Economy

Sadly, this year’s Parade of Garage Sales will not be taking place. But we want to share an opportunity with you that you may be interested in. We’ve spoken to Ruckify about their online platform that allows you to rent things from others, and rent things out yourself. They have made a generous offer of $35 that can be used towards your first rentals.

The Parade of Garage Sale season may be canceled, but Ruckify has a solution for you to earn the same money and more, with the same opportunity to find used things at a great price.

Through Ruckify’s peer-to-peer rent anything marketplace you have the opportunity to post all of your garage sale items into your very own online rental store. That way, instead of hosting a sale, and only experiencing a return on your items once, you have the opportunity to continuously rent them out and have a repetitive cycle of income.

Making your own RuckifyStore has never been easier and the entire sign-up process is completely free with no hidden subscriptions or fees. You choose the store name, its look, and all the items that go into it with corresponding insurance policies to ensure your items are always safe. Renting out your item only three times can generate enough cash flow for the item to pay for itself, and after that, it’s all profit.

Ruckify even has a referral program going right now that gives you $35 in credit called RuckBucks. You can use this towards your first rentals. You will then have your own referral code where you can gift people $35 in credit. You will even earn 10% cash back on anyone who uses your code’s first rental. Here is the a code to get started:

Check out today and chat in with our team if you need help setting up your RuckifyStore!