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Community association membership – WHY?

Why should people become members of their local community association?

Here are my top 5 reasons to get your Acadia community membership today!

1) Feel connected – A community membership keeps you connected with other people in Acadia. You’ll hear of the many great events that happen in our outstanding community (including the upcoming year-end skate party!) and I guarantee you’ll meet some future friends.

2) Discounts, discounts, discounts – Did you know that your community membership gets you 20% off programs at the Trico Centre? Or that it gives you and your family free access to Acadia events like the recent Winter Carnival? Further, that wonderful card gets you discounts at the Acadia Recreation Complex and the chance to meet friends, have a drink and relax at the ARC lounge during social nights.

3) What do you want Acadia to be? You can have your voice heard when it comes to your priorities for your community. Care about bike lanes? Want to see traffic calming in our busy neighbourhood? Do you want to provide input into planning and development in Acadia? All of this is possible with a community membership.

4) Property values and community reputation – It’s no secret that strong community involvement from residents increases the desirability of any community in Calgary. Acadia was ranked the third-best community in the city in the 2015 Avenue Magazine rankings. That’s due to a number of factors, like our great access to schools, parks and pathways, amenities like grocery stores and pubs, and amazing transit connections. Getting involved in your community association and having your voice heard only adds to Acadia’s reputation. And that, in turn, increases the desire for people to want to live here.

5) The cost – The final reason to get your membership is the low cost. $10 for a charter membership, $15 for individual and $25 for family. In these tough economic times, many families and individuals are looking at low-cost entertainment. An Acadia Community Association membership gets you that in spades.

You also have the option to purchase a physical membership by visiting the Acadia Recreation Complex (240 – 90th Ave SE).

Family & non-residents $25
Single $15
Charter Renewal $10

 Buy your membership online now!