2018 Transit Service Review

Transit Service Review Survey (Closes Friday May 18)

The City of Calgary is building new and improved Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes that will shape the way the broader transit network operates. As part of this project, Calgary Transit is reviewing dozens of existing bus routes to develop a more effective and efficient bus network in Calgary.

The goal of this review is to implement a revised bus network linking into the following new BRT routes:

  • 17 Avenue S.E. BRT
  • North Crosstown BRT
  • South Crosstown BRT

The existing bus network is being revised based on the following objectives:

  1. Make efficient use of the BRT infrastructure (e.g. stations, queue jumps, separate lanes)
  2. Provide routes that are more direct and easier to understand
  3. Reduce travel time
  4. Operate more frequently with a longer span of service on some routes (e.g. start earlier, end later)
  5. Provide better service to key destinations
  6. Reduce duplication of service
  7. Increase ridership

We will be collecting stakeholder and citizen feedback online and at open houses throughout the city. We will report back in the early summer 2018.

Transit Service Review Survey